Posting with Purpose

Hello friends, if you’re ever on social media and you begin to notice how awesome other people’s lives are, how many adventures they go on, and how much better they look than you… whatever the reason you may be comparing yourself to others for.. take a step back and think this through. Social media is a place where we post the highlights, not the everyday struggle. 

Those people you’re comparing yourself to are just people too; and they may seem like they have it all together, but they don’t. They are just trying to navigate and figure life out just like you.

We are all seeking something. We all struggle with loneliness sometimes. Many of us are confused and some of us are so young and don’t know who we are going to become yet. And that’s okay.

Some of us lay in bed unsure of how we’ll pay the bills, but we just have to trust that even if they don’t get paid, it WILL be okay. 

Social media is a good thing.. but I think if not used correctly, we begin to compare our lows with other people’s highs. This creates discontentment, loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress. But social media doesn’t have to be this way.

To all my friends out there who are struggling with confidence and identity issues, I want to encourage you to create healthy social media habits and make sure the people you follow inspire and speak truth. For example, if following people who post lots of half-naked, bikini pictures cause you to feel anxious, and cause you to compare your body to theirs, you should make some changes to who you see on your feed. You shouldn’t feel obligated to follow people if their content triggers negative emotions. 

If you’re on social media, every time you post something, I encourage you to question your motives behind why you post what you post. If it’s about bringing attention to yourself, please understand that no matter how many likes you get- they won’t fulfill what’s missing in your heart. Seek healing and satisfaction in a healthy way. You’re worth it. 

Post with the intention of being real. Post with the intention of encouraging others. Post with the purpose to shine some light in this dark, dark world. 

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.”

-Proverbs 12:25

Keep growing and keep living free

-Hannah Courtney


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