Story Time: How a Little Girl Spoke Life into Me

Kids are very observant individuals. They see and pick up on things you’d never expect. Can you imagine how much more positive they could grow up being if we spent more time pouring powerful and encouraging words into them? Their minds are like sponges, soaking up everything around them and pouring out everything they learn. Recently I encountered the perfect example of how little ones pour out what they soak in. I’m sure you’ll be just as touched by this as I am.


I’ve been very close friends with a couple for the last few years who have two young, lively little girls. This little family has taken me in as one of their own and if it weren’t for them, I don’t know who I would be today. They have challenged me in so many ways and encouraged me to create the best version of myself. They are very genuine, intentional people and I am incredibly grateful for all of the time they have invested in me.

I was just recently living with them in China for the last few months, and I’ve also had the great privilege to be a part of their daughter’s lives. I’ve been able to watch them grow into the bright shining little stars that they are.

Every single day I was able to witness this couple raising and loving their children wholeheartedly. They work hard to speak life and encouragement into them every chance they can so that they grow up knowing they are beautiful, worthy, and powerful. Every, “Good job!, Wow, you’re awesome!, You’re so beautiful! You’re so strong! I’m so thankful for you!” has really made a huge impact on these little people’s perspectives and personalities.

During my stay in China, I faced some challenges that really knocked me down for a while. My emotions were all over the place and there was a certain 4 year old girl, named Ava, who saw me during one of my weakest moments. Right away, she began to take care of me the way her parents have taken care of her.

She began to speak life and truth into me. This blonde headed, blue eyed little girl melted my whole heart into a puddle with her precious little smile and affirmations.

“Hannah, what’s wrong? You’re so awesome. You’re so strong. You’re so beautiful. Everyone loves to be around you. You make me happy. I love you. I want to make you feel better. I’m thankful for you.” 

As tears fell down my cheeks and a huge smile ran across my face, I wrapped her up into a big hug. She grinned and giggled softly. She didn’t understand how much that meant to me, but I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment. I was so amazed at how this sweet little girl picked up on my broken heart and quickly began to speak life into me the way she has it spoken into her. She knows that she is awesome and strong and loved, so she believes the same about others.

She will grow up believing in herself and never allow anyone to tell her anything less than what she knows to be true. I am so thankful to her parents that they are raising her in such a positive and life bringing environment.

Here is another time that really stood out to me:

One day, the T.V. remote slid under the couch and I couldn’t reach it. As I sat up to claim my defeat, Ava, without even thinking about it, quickly picked up the couch piece all on her own so that I could get the remote. I looked at her with great surprise and realized right away from her struggling grunts that I’d better retrieve the remote quickly. “GOOD JOB, AVA! That was super awesome!” I smiled big as she began to shout,“I am strong and powerful!”

Strong and powerful she is. Strong and powerful she will always be. I thought that was so cute, but it spoke wonders. While I was making excuses, she thought outside of the box and jumped into action!

I call Ava my little best friend and I absolutely loved the little sweet moments that I was able to share with her. Everyday, her daddy encouraged them to dedicate some time to reflect on the things they were thankful for, and my heart grew bigger every time I heard this little girl say, “I’m thankful for Hannah.”

I truly wonder how different our society would be if we all grew up being poured into the way that Ava and her sister are. I think it’s SUPER important that we fill our little one’s minds with truth everyday so that they grow up truly believing they are capable of anything! I know that Ava will be so powerful that the world will never be able to tell her that she’s not worthy or good enough. I really do believe there’s a lesson in everything, and this little beautiful girl has surly taught me a big one!

Keep Growing and Keep Living Free

-Hannah C.



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