How Your Smile Can Change The World

 I think we all know someone who smiles constantly! Their smile is so contagious and it’s so fun to be around them. What do they have that keeps them so joyful all the time? Here’s how a girl I’ve never met inspired me to reflect on where my joy should come from and how to use my smile to change the world.


A few years ago, I was on YouTube and stumbled across Duck Dynasty’s very own, Sadie Robertson. I watched one of her videos, called “this is legit” where she interviewed her friend, Emma Jenkins. In the interview, Sadie asked Emma several random questions to quiz her knowledge of well-known music, celebrities, and television shows. Emma was completely clueless to all but one question (she knew one Beyonce song: All the Single Ladies)! Next, Sadie named random Bible verses to quiz Emma’s knowledge of God’s word. I was amazed to see that she knew every verse word for word, without skipping a beat.

Not only was I completely inspired by the way she was so in tune with God’s word, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched because this girl was SO happy. Her smile never left her face the whole 8-minute video! It was very evident that all of her happiness came from her trust in Jesus Christ. She radiated with joy and it really inspired me to reflect on where I was seeking satisfaction from. I wanted what she had! I believe this is how our own lives should look. Our joy in the Lord should bring curiosity to the people we meet!

As I continue to follow Emma on social media, her delight in Jesus inspires me every time I see her updates. Her smile reminds me of where true joy comes from and I am so incredibly thankful for how God is using her to change the world. Of course, there are people who have negative things to say about her big smile, but she has too much delight in Him to care about the negativity! She truly lets her light shine.

I want to encourage you and tell you that God can use you the same way He is using Emma! I know it can be so difficult to let your light shine when we are surrounded by a world of darkness. But when we truly recognize where our joy comes from, we won’t be able to contain it! I pray that there would be a fire in your heart that cannot be tamed or put out. Allow God to use you and your smile to change the world for His glory!

Keep Growing and Live Free

-Hannah C.

Emma’s Social Media Accounts:

Instagram- 1cornthians13_love

YouTube- Emma Mae Jenkins


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